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Salt cave with graduation tower

relaks w jaskini solnej w sandomierzu

A session in the salt cave naturally strengthens immunity, raises concentration, improves the condition of the body, supports the treatment of many diseases. The unique microclimate is characterized by a high concentration of valuable minerals and microelements. The air in the cave contains elements such as: iodine, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, bromine, selenium, which are found in several times higher concentration than at the seaside.

Our salt cave is also a perfect place to relax. Surrounding salts, lamps for color therapy and calming music allows you to forget about everyday stress. In addition, it is a great place for thematic meetings.

The cave has a play area for children.

The price of health Normal ticket
One time entry** 20,00 zł


kobiecy weekend w spa korona sandomierz

The massage offer is addressed to our guests and people from outside.

Do you want to relax? Do you feel tension and muscle aches?

Relaxing massage has a beneficial effect on body and soul.
Relaxing massage stimulates muscles, skin and the circulatory system, has a positive effect on the nervous system – eliminates stress and involuntary muscle tension. It restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, which means that we are properly oxygenated. In addition, it helps in the fight against insomnia, increases vitality.

Are you stressed, depressed?

Hot stone massage will help you calm down and relax. Warm stones mainly relax to overly tight and aching muscles.
They improve blood circulation and metabolism. Stone massage has a positive effect on cellulite. It is also recommended for people who are stressed or suffering from depression. Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body and works by congestion.

Price list
Relaxing body massage 60 min 150,00 zł
Foot massage 40 min 120,00 zł
Spine massage 30 min 100,00 zł
Head massage 30 min 100,00 zł
Face, neck and cleavage massage 40 min 120,00 zł
Hot stone massage 50 min 150,00 zł


hotel korona sauna sandomierz

Infrared sauna

The source of heat in the Infrared sauna is infrared. Bathing in such a sauna does not require high temperatures – 40 – 70 ° C is enough. This range of heat is safe for the cardiovascular system, due to which baths are good for almost everyone, regardless of age or health. A session in the Infrared sauna is a source of relaxation, and also has a healing effect (helps with headaches, rheumatism, muscle tension, bronchitis) and slimming and combating cellulitis.

Finnish sauna

Unlike a dry sauna, it is distinguished by a much higher temperature and lower humidity compared to wet saunas. Relative humidity is on average 10-15%, while the temperature can be over 1000 degrees. Thanks to the high temperature, which increases sweating of the body, it is possible to effectively relax, cleanse the skin and remove toxins from the body. The Finnish sauna has a preventive effect against colds. Regular use of a dry sauna has a health-promoting effect and improves mood!

1 person 2 people < 2
50 zł 50 zł 20 zł/person